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BOX=ART is a site dedicated to the history of video game box art/ cover art and the artists responsible for them.

Box arts are profiled from a variety of angles using high quality scans and with the intention of acknowledging the men and women who have played such a major role in shaping our gaming experiences.

Not only for video game enthusiasts, BOX=ART is for all who enjoy quality artwork.

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 >Panzer Dragoon

Box art by Jean Giraud

French artwork, published by Sega in 1995.

Designed for the Japanese market. Sega Saturn version pictured.  

Also available on: na                                 

Famed French comic book artist: Jean Giraud would bring his unique art to Sega’s latest series, Panzer Dragoon.

Taking clues from the game’s opening level and its “Alexandrian” inspired architecture, Jean would deploy his trademark style of minimalist detail and masterful use of colour.  He would also add a healthy dose of surrealism to the mix whilst doing away with the usual blasting and destroying that shooter cover arts often depicted.

His work on comic book Arzach in 1975 would be one of Team Andromeda’s main artistic influences for Panzer Dragoon, and Jean would go on to produce original artwork for their creative process.  It would be an unusual collaboration for its time but his influence on Japanese illustrators, and such famed purveyors as Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli), Katsuya Terada (Blood: The last vampire) and Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), would certainly explain Sega of Japan commissioning him.  

The box art would interestingly not make it to western shores making it one of a few European cover arts from that period to be exclusive to Japan.  Unfortunately Europe and America would have frowned upon them a computer art equivalent with none of the comic book wonder of Jean’s.  

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Posted - 8/10/13, by Adam Gidney

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