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BOX=ART is a site dedicated to the history of video game box art/ cover art and the artists responsible for them.

Box arts are profiled from a variety of angles using high quality scans and with the intention of acknowledging the men and women who have played such a major role in shaping our gaming experiences.

Not only for video game enthusiasts, BOX=ART is for all who enjoy quality artwork.

Box art by Yukio Kitta

Japanese artwork, first published by Micro Cabin Corp. in 1991.

Designed for the Japanese market. MSX version pictured.

Also available on: FM Towns, Sharp X68000, PC-98.

By eschewing the grime and broken cityscape the game graphically enacted, Illusion City’s box art would be the start of the illusion.

Yukio’s grandiose and melancholic window into the future, would be imposingly possible due to the space available on Japan’s home computer casings.  It wouldn’t represent the in-games bleak artistic direction, but, the lamenting architectural facade would sorrowfully tell the game’s fated tale brilliantly.

Illusion’s artistry melded both classic anime with delicate ligne claire styles of art.  Inspiration can be seen from artist Moebius, and even though sci-fi isn’t Yukio’s normal genre Illusion does still sit comfortably within the artists portfolio.

Sega’s Mega CD would be only console graced with a port, and also the only version to switch front and back covers - complete with 1980’s Manga characterisation - but in doing so offered an inferior box art both visually and emotionally.

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 >Illusion City

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X68000 box art page| BOX=ART

X68000 hardwa re page

Published by Micro Cabin Corp. in 1993 exclusively for the Japanese Mega CD market.

The Mega CD version would use the MSX’s chararter art from it’s back cover and then place the above artwork on it’s own reverse.

Illusion City by Yukio Kitta (background) and Koji Nakakita (character art)