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BOX=ART is a site dedicated to the history of video game box art/ cover art and the artists responsible for them.

Box arts are profiled from a variety of angles using high quality scans and with the intention of acknowledging the men and women who have played such a major role in shaping our gaming experiences.

Not only for video game enthusiasts, BOX=ART is for all who enjoy quality artwork.

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Box art by Janet Lopez

North American artwork, first published by Sirius Software Inc. in 1981.

Designed for the North American Apple II market.

Also available on: na.

An early box art for super progammer Nasir and a great example of a little used art style in box art history.

Taking inspiration from German car adverts from the 1930’s - see Adler and Peugeot - Autobahn’s art style would be an early and rare example of European advertising and war time propaganda art being used in box art design.  

It’s flat, pastel colour palette and clever incorporation of logo would artistically lift it above Sirius’ other early covers and complimented the era’s love for bold and simple designs (see, if you like…below).

Janet would be responsible for other Sirius box arts, but looked to have left the industry in 1983 after Sirius fell victim to the US video game crash and folded.

Of interest, Autobahn’s artwork thematically complimeted the actual games content - basically a top down Monaco GP clone. A rarity for the American scene in the early 80’s where overblown and often misleading cover arts were standard.   

Other notable Janet Lopez box arts


>Borg (NA) Apple II.

>Computer Foosball (NA) Apple II.



>Snake Byte (NA) Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64.

If you like Autobahn you’ll love…


>Sea Duel (NA) Micro Vision.

>B-1 Nuclear Bomber (NA) Apple II, Atari 800, Commodore 64, TRS-80.

>Dragster (NA) Atari 2600.

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Posted - 21/08/16 by Adam Gidney

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